Movement Keeps you healthy, Movement Heals!

Movement makes us human; it connects us to our higher self, Movement is Life.

      For those that find interest to understand the body, health,performance and physical artistic expression. For those to see beyond the perfect exercise or pose. The movement is for the generalist, maybe to come in contact with the surface knowledge being able to change or evolve. For those always ready to learn more, continuing their life journey. Coming into each experience with a beginner’s mind or the term in Japanese “Shoskin” the beginners mind. When you were an infant no one taught you how to walk, you learned on your own, you figured it out. There must be a struggle for there to be an outcome. If you take away the struggle, you take away the fulfillment of reaching an outcome.

     Mind, Body and Soul, becoming more in tune with ALL aspects of “YOU”What one continues to do over and over, the same process will produce the same outcome over and over. By using different disciplines you become more aware of the entire body, every thought, every joint, every muscle, every breath, every blink of the eye…

     Live life with the utmost passion and intent, control every movement, know every thought. Be prepared for the unexpected. Listen to your thoughts…FEEL THE FEELS of the body and emotions.Embrace them as they are communicating, telling what your Mind, Body and Soul needs to survive.

     The movement is for an expansion and communication of you. Learning and listening, figuring out the real you. Not who you pretend to be to make others happy. Not the you that conforms to society standards…But the “YOU” that has a real purpose on this beautiful earth. We are the sum of the stories we tell ourselves. The movement is a way for your body to communicate with YOU, for you to learn and listen to your body, Through fitness, dance, martial arts, strength, flexibility, and PLAY.

     Life is not about beauty or the aesthetics of it, it is not about how high you can go, but how well you can perform. Always bring something from yourself, you take or learn something when you play your way. Do what works for you and what “Feels” right for you. Be human, realize there is no correct or perfect method, Employ, Test, Try, Make Conclusions, Come Back, Repeat, till the day you die. You are on the life roller coaster, you bought a ticket, always be ready to change!

     As we go through Life, embrace failure, leave your ego at the door, be prepared to be terrible at most things…most of the time. If you fail, you will learn because you will figure it out.

    Play is something that precedes humans, it has been around in nature for millions of years, most animals continue to play all the way into adulthood. Then why is it frowned upon in humans as we move into adulthood. Play is where the fun is at. It is a chance for you to let go, connect with others, de-stress, experiment. It builds community…Social skills…Play together. 

     Use movement as an opportunity to learn. The better you get at a certain skill the less it serves you, growth becomes less. The secret to continued growth is instead to chase after the things that you are terrible at.Step outside of your comfort zone, do things that scare you. Choose fear…it is easy to live much of your life without ever leaving your comfort zone. Being comfortable often means we stagnate and fail to grow.

 Function can result in physique, but the opposite is not always true. Training to “LOOK” a certain way won’t improve the way you move and perform. It could possibly hold you back. Though…if you train for function…for the ability to move freely and for the love of movement itself, a change in your physique is a likely by-product, of course must include nutrition and recovery.    

     The body thrives off motion, twisting, extending and flexing. Yes, the entire body, so we need to keep moving. If you don’t, it begins to get stiff. Just like an arm in a cast that remains motionless, over time it begins to die.Cartilage is laid down, it become dry, stiff, weak and unable to move like its should. So…keep moving!!!