Over the past couple of months

Hello, Hello, Hello! Over the past couple of months we all have been trying to figure out and survive in this crazy world. We get told one thing and the next day it is something different. Locked down, kids in the house 24/7, working from home, wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, wear a mask again! AUGH! Through all of this we are listening to what is in our heads, what we have been programmed to do since birth. What has happened to what our heart is trying to tell us? How many of us live from the heart? How many of us actually know that we have a heart and it can help with making decisions? How about taking a minute, slow down, take a deep breath…feel your heart beat, listen to your heart beating, listen to your breathing that goes along with the heartbeat that happens non-stop all day and all night! No effort from you, do you not think that something that works all by itself, no outside interference or input knows what to do? But yet we live from the brain, an organ that can be programmed, a brain that can be given misinformation enough times that you will believe it, whether it is right or wrong. They say do something for 30 days and it will become a habit, Yikes! Train the brain.
Can you do that to your heart? No, it is on auto-pilot, so, do you not think that we should slow down and listen to our heart? Nothing can influence the heart, it will be open and honest with you every time, no matter what the situation may be.
With that being said, the one thing that has been consistent in my life over the past couple of years has been yoga and meditation. I was teaching yoga here in the studio for about two years, let the holidays and Covid stop things, when is all actually we all needed it more than ever. It keeps you in touch with what matters most, your heart and your body. Now, more than ever I would like to share my practice with all of you. I would like to open the studio and begin teaching again. I know that schedules are crazy right now, so, I would like a little input as to what times would work best for you beautiful people. Most classes will be an hour long, some we can take to 1.5 if needed. Monday – Thursdays work best for me. I can start the first class as early as 7 am like before so that those that need to be at work early are able to make it. Saturdays are back for Men starting at 9 am.
These classes are Free, I want to see you on the mat! I want to see you living the life you are on this earth to enjoy. Take 60 minutes to slow down, listen to your heart, listen to your breathing, get out of your head. If you feel like you need to pay something, donations, whatever you can. I have been bribed with cookies before. Lets’ sit down and talk.
Classes will range from flexibility, yoga, breathing and meditation. Do something for you.