Welcome to Upside-Down Turtle LIFEstyle Pt 1

An Upside-down turtle came from a decision, there was not any traumatic occurrence or incident. I was not happy with where I was in my life at the time. So, I decided to change where I was at the time. I believe that things come in and out of your life for a reason, and I usually try to pay attention to what is going on around me, possibly signs of which way to go. Yoga was surfacing in my life again, been down this road once before but never serious. So, I said let’s see where this takes me and go with it. The joke was yoga is for girls, you are not flexible enough, you are to old…Yada, Yada, Yada! I found a studio not far from here and that is when my life turned upside down. Was welcomed in with open arms, felt like I was supposed to be there. Being in the moment, being present, seeing and feeling everything around me. Yup, this was it, kinda felt like being wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket in front of a fireplace on a cold winter night. Up until this point my life was at a standstill, cold, nothingness feeling. I was just existing, no purpose, wake up, work, go to sleep… YAWN… Yoga started to awaken me again, I was excited to go to classes. One, two, three, even four times a week! I was alive again!

This is where “An Upside-Down Turtle Lifestyle” has come from.

When we take care of our bodies then our true self and purpose will appear. Remember our bodies are on loan to us, our soul is what we really are all about, so take care of us. As you begin the journey, getting out and walking, CrossFit, Yoga and Meditation, Pilates, or going to the gym all is a great way to go. Maybe doing two of them every other day. Find what is right for you, some people like yoga and some love the gym.

Movement of the body activates internal energy which in turns calms the mind, awakens your spiritual energy, helps the body heal itself, prevents illness, helps you feel connected to the universal energy.

Next, pay attention to what goes into your body, remember the saying, “You are what you eat.” I don’t agree with one diet vs the other, again we are all different. Just stay away from the processed foods!!! That has been proven time and time again is what has brought all of these diseases amongst us now. Fresh fruit and vegetables, meat that is as natural as you can get, go back to the Hunter and Gather days. I say that as natural as you can due to the fact you have to be aware of the obvious and immense gap between a genuine community of foragers and dieters living in a modern city, selectively shopping at farmers markets and making sure their house salad is gluten, sugar and dairy free.

Many of the modern diets “state” to go back to our ancestors, yet the forget to put into the equation how organisms in our bodies and the plants and animals we eat have evolved over the last 10,000 years. And even though heart-disease is commonly assumed as being a life-style related disease, there has been evidence of atherosclerosis in all different geographical regions within ancient mummies. We also have no evidence of specific portions eaten so many years ago. Just as the human has evolved, as too has the plants and animals of today. We know that humans have evolved not to subsist on a single diet but to be flexible eaters.